Jari Menari's All Male Professional Practitioners
integrate long, flowing strokes, into each session
encouraging you to feel the connection of mind and
body Our favorite sessions combine the best
techniques designed to relieve muscle tension and encourage deep relaxation

Signature Massage

A full body massage, using oil and a rhythmic flow to ease tension out of the body.

75-minutes Rp 435,000

The Perfect Massage

This Signature Session is a blend of techniques from Swedish Massage, Traditional Indonesian Body Work and focussed energy.

90-minutes Rp 485,000

Serenading Singing Bowl

In this massage session, vibratory experience is intefrated into the delivery which restores balance and harmony to the body.

90-minutes Rp 485,000

Connoisseurs Massage with Movement

Focusing on specific areas of tension, using slow movements and gentle stretching, influenced by yoga

90-minutes Rp 485,000

Absolutely Amazing Four Hand Massage

A lovely balance of four hands massaging in harmony

60-minutes Rp 550,000

Focusing on Your Back

Focusing exclusively on your back, legs, head & feet

45-minutes Rp 350,000

Pregnancy massage

60-minutes Rp 435,000

Foot Massage

Firm pressure applied to reflex points

45-minutes Rp 350,000

Special Gift for Your Child

Introduce your child to a professional massage session

45-minutes Rp 350,000

Hemi-Sync Musical Experience

Audio technology that encourages the two hemispheres of the brain to synchronize, enhancing deep relaxation.

30-minutes Rp 75,000

Jari Menari sessions integrate various massage styles to enhance relaxation, dispel tension and stimulate circulation. Expect a blend of stretching and long massage strokes, connecting moves designed to optimize relaxation. Drift off and enjoy the massage