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Jari Menari - Sharing Our Abundance
Jari Menari - Sharing Our Abundance

Jari Menari Euphoria

Celebrating in Bali 28th August, 2015
We thought you will enjoy these pictures

Arriving at Jari Menari, Susan's birthday start off with flower shower

Nusa Dua Team celebrating their
5th Anniversary in the beautiful garden

Seminyak Team celebrating their
14th Anniversary


Our next 2 weeks Sequence Massage Training
will be starting on October 5th - 17th, 2015.

We cordially invite those wanting to
study massage for the first time,
practising massage therapist,
and young Indonesian men
interested to join our Jari Menari team
to contact us at

Hand in hand, Helping others

We encourage all the Jari Menari team to have dreams ...
to visualize what they want, will help to make those dreams come true.

When you visit Bali, there are ways to help other Indonesians that are in need.
Options include bringing over clothes to give away, visiting non-profits and donating to NGO
(non-government organizations) to help make their dreams come true. Today we will share with
you two organizations in Bali that we think are effective and could use support.



PUSPADI Bali is dedicated to improving the
quality of life of people with physical
disabilities in Bali and Eastern Indonesia.
We identify, define and advocate for the
needs of persons with physical disabilities,
and plan and implement strategies to meet
those needs.


To create prosperity for people with
disabilities through rehabilitation, education
and empowerment.

They have a dream to buy a van, fit it out for
wheel chair service so they can transport their
Clients in need to services. Plus deliver wheel
chairs to those in need. For additional infor-
mation please look at their web site :

Bali Children's Foundation

Bali's remote rural communities have been
heavily impacted by both man-made and
natural disasters and many families are caught
in the poverty trap with little or no income.
There is minimal government assistance and all
education must be paid for. The drop-out rate
in rural primary schools is very high. Children
frequently have no option other than a lifetime
of working on the land.


Bali Children Foundation provide an educational
pathway for disadvantaged Balinese
children - a journey leading to growth and
long term sustainability.

They have a dream to sponsor 300 more
children this year in their school program.
Please look at the web site

Visiting Bali, you can enjoy the culture, the people
and help make a difference to someone's life.

Looking forward to seeing you soon again,

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