I Putu Juliwidiana

I Putu Juliwidiana was born in Sanggalang, Bali in 1985. He is number 5 from the 6 children in his family. He is very happy to be working at Jari Menari. He believes it is THE massage centre of Bali because all the male therapists are very well trained and they are very, very good at what they do. Widi, as he is called, is a supervisor and his responsibilities include making sure that all staff are working as they should be by regularly monitoring Jari Menari's high standards of massage. In his previous job, as a member of the housekeeping staff in a hotel, Widi felt that he didn't have any chance for promotion but after just 2 years at Jari Menari he was promoted from a therapist to supervisor and is now a Spa Trainer. He has worked hard and has gained ESALEN, deep tissue and Swedish massage expertise. He has really enjoyed learning about anatomy and physiology too so that he can deliver the best massages possible to the guests. Widi loves working at Jari Menari because of the family solidarity that is so important to the Jari Menari concept.