Komang Tri Wiyanika

Komang works as a receptionist at Jari Menari greeting guests an dmaking sure that they know all bout Jari Menari. She handles reservations via phone, email and from the website and then arranging schedules for therapists and the guests based on those reservations. Like so many of the staff at Jari Menari, she loves working there because of the family solidarity, the highly trained male therapists and another very important thing to Komang is that Jari Menari gives her new experiences and work opportunities. Komang Tri Wiyanika joined Jari Menari just 11 months ago. She is married and has three children - two daughters and one son. Komang's husband works in the tourism industry. Komang believes that Jari Menari is quite different to all other massage businesses in Bali because of the professionalism and skills of the all male therapists. Komang works hard so that Jari Menari will become popular with more guests looking for the best quality massages in Bali.